Film Review: Yes, God, Yes

Opening in a Catholic sex education class, the tone is immediately set for this coming of age movie. Based on the director’s own experience, ‘Yes, God, Yes’ follows the experiences of teenage Alice during the 2000s. She is faced with the mixed emotions of puberty and sexual desire while trying to comprehend the teaching of her Catholic school that claim it is a sin to act on these urges. Although a very interesting concept, I was easily disengaged by the plot which felt repetitive, while any p

Film Review: Soul

Normally avoidant of Disney films, I was hesitant about Soul, but its Jazz imagery enticed me, especially after watching Coco and loving the soundtrack. The title, Soul, plays on both the music that main character Joe obsesses over and the spiritual idea – disappointingly, the latter was focused on most. However, despite usual Disney tropes of morality and life experience, Soul manages to have an unpredictable plot that takes place between “The Great Beyond ” and earth. While an interesting p

Film Review: Death to 2020

Expecting an intense darkness from this film, especially with an imminent third lockdown, I was surprised by Death to 2020’s distracting humour. With typical Brooker satire, Death to 2020 flips between ‘interviews’ of historians (Hugh Grant) to you average member of public (Diane Morgan), and genuine news segments, with a humorous voiceover commentary. While looking back on the abundance of atrocities that happened in 2020, from the Australian bushfires and Trump’s impeachment to the tragic de

Film Review: The Boys In The Band

Set in 1968 in New York City, The Boys In The Band is a big-screen adaptation of the play with the same name by Mart Crowley. Premiering Off-Broadway in 1968, it was revived on Broadway for its 50th anniversary in 2018 and had such success that it was adapted by Netflix using the same 2018 stage cast. With constant self-criticism, a group of homosexual men deal with ageing, their sexualities and their myriad of vices, from alcohol abuse to cannabis to a constant need to travel. Hiding their s

Film Review: How To Build A Girl

“I do not think my adventure starts with a boy; I think it starts with me”. Based on the novel of the same name by Caitlin Moran, How To Build A Girl follows sixteen-year-old Johanna Morrigan, played by Beanie Feldstein, as she navigates aspirations of being a powerful journalist. Discussing philosophy with her wall of powerful women, from Frida Khalo to Sylvia Plath, Johanna embodies youthful feminism. After a failed poetry reading, she ventures into writing rock music reviews despite her fa

Film Review: Circus of Books

Using a mixture of interviews, childhood video footage and news clips, Circus of Books is a documentary about a Jewish Heterosexual couple in California. Since 1982, in a time when homosexuality was unspeakable, they’ve owned Circus of Books – a hardcore gay adult store. Although LA had a huge gay scene, men would still be arrested which could cause serious implications. Demonstrations began against police brutality along with death from the AIDS epidemic. Circus of Books then became a safe pl

Film Review: A Secret Love (2020)

A Secret Love is a heartwarming documentary about two women, Pat and Terry, who kept their six-decade-long love hidden. Having explained “living in the states is expensive” as their reason for living together, everyone around them believed they were just close friends. Eventually, the pair felt they needed to stop the secret, and the film looks back on that process, views on homosexuality at the time and the gay community they had built up during hiding, as well as looking back at the people wh

Film Review: Beautiful Boy

Despite describing the come-down as an "intense, horrible, wrenching pain like someone had come in with a vacuum cleaner and just sucked out every good feeling that [he]'d ever had in [his] whole life." his battle with addiction lasted until 2008 when he stayed clean for 2 years before relapsing twice. Although, Nic is now clean. "The first time I did a line of crystal, it was like my whole world changed," Nic says. "I just felt confident and strong and like I could do anything. I felt like a r

Film Review: The Favourite

After a goats cheese salad, a look at my watch and then a run to my local cinema, Tyneside , my friend and I arrived (as the door to the screen shut) to see the much anticipated The Favourite. Full of humour, The Favourite makes what could have been a hard-hitting or overly tense plot a fun and easy-to-watch blockbuster. Although I may be biased in my admiration for Emma Stone , The Favourite has given me a new-found appreciation for Olivia Colman - who I previously viewed as the pain-in-the-bum

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