Music: “I love finding new music” We Catch Up with Plastic Glass to Discuss Band Life During COVID

With consistently catchy tunes, four-piece indie-rockers Plastic Glass have managed to keep their energy high during 2020. Emily Duff caught up with the local Sunderland outfit to discuss their struggles with cancelled gigs and trying to make music during a pandemic. Have there been any opportunities to meet up and write/record music over the last year? It’s been hard but I guess that goes without saying by now. Our guitarist, Dylan, now lives in Leeds for University, so with the travel restri

Cover Feature: The Pale White Prepare to Release Their Debut Album

Local outfit, The Pale White, have recently released their single, ‘Confession Box’. It comes just before the group announced their debut album, ‘Infinite Pleasure’, is due to drop later in the year. The upbeat modern rock track is not only rhythmically interesting but also has an interesting story with lyrics such as: “You’ve got better stuff to talk about now”. Talking to bassist Tom Booth, the band explained that ‘Confession Box’ is: “a fictional story that puts you in the shoes of someone w

Business: “We have had the time to re-evaluate the services we offer and how to adapt to modern times” Blast Studios Continue to Support Musicians During the Pandemic

Andy of Newcastle’s Blast Studios, a Solid State Logic (SSL)-based recording facility, spoke to Emily Duff about the effects of COVID on the business, working in the recording studio during lockdown, and how they’ve implemented guidelines during the recording process. As with any business, there is a lot of uncertainty about what is going on. We closed for a period of time in the first lockdown, but following advice from the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport we have remained open

Music: “At the beginning of lockdown, I got my head down and started writing lots of songs” The Baltics Release New Single

With their catchy indie melodies, distinct vocals and a mixture of equal parts synth-pop and Brit-Pop, The Baltics have developed a distinct and eclectic sound that is utterly compelling. Emily Duff caught up with the North East outfit as they prepare to release their new single. I heard that you formed after Josh Homme saw Guy’s cover of Karma Police on Instagram. Have Radiohead inspired your music as a band at all? Radiohead are an amazing band that me (Shay) and Guy listen to all the time a

Business Spotlight: Spinning Superiority

Spinning Superiority is a North East vinyl market that has been running for two years. With a new record store based in Flea Circus in Newcastle, they have joined the collection of 35+ local independent traders selling a wide range of items, from vintage pieces to art and music. While vinyl may seem outdated to some in a world of streaming services, its popularity has remained – thank god. I spoke to Jack Holmes who explained that Spinning Superiority “always try to be as diverse as possible wh

The Timewasters - Issue Two Interview

• How did you meet each other and what's the story behind your band name? Iris: We originally all met each other at an afterschool club. Phoenix: And it was a slight mess at the start. Iris: Originally we had 6 members with four guitarists. Lucy: And after the first year, half of the band had left, leaving Phoenix Iris and me so we were stuck for what to do. Matilda: And then, I had met Lucy at the start of year eight, and I joined as the keyboardist. Lucy: And that’s how we got our

Sound Lass (Abby Hillyer) - Issue One Full Interview

• None What's the story behind the name Sound Lass? The story behind the name SoundLass comes from a few different things. When I started the project, I had no idea what I wanted it to be called but I knew the name had to be fun and reflective of what the projects all about - supporting Women and Non-Binary people in the music industry. Since I've studied Sound for quite some time now and I work as a freelance sound technician, I wanted that to somehow be included. There have been many occasio

Interview: Luke Porter (You Don't See In Me What I See In You)

Whitley Bay Singer-songwriter, Luke Porter has released his latest single, You Don't See In Me What I See In You. This is his latest release since dropping his debut EP in March 2019 and so is highly anticipated. With a folk style, Luke Porter is making the most of the Northern Culture often heard around Northumberland. Opening with a classic guitar riff and slower drums, Porter's soft vocals perfectly compliment the downtempo tune, taking a Geordie twang on certain words to create a relaxing a

Tits Upon Tyne (Natalie Greener) - Issue 1 Full Interview

1. When did you know you wanted to be a journalist? In a weird way, I didn’t want to be a journalist as such - I kind of just fell into it when I was 13. I couldn’t play any instruments and didn’t have the confidence to be in a band at the time yet still needed a way to express my love for music. I started a really crap blog at 12 and interviewed small artists I really looked up to at the time and everything just blossomed from there. Next thing I know, I am studying journalism at university an

Feature: Fightback Lager: The Beer that Saves Music Venues

In support of Music Venue Trust, Fightback Lager has been raising money towards keeping grassroots music venues alive during these uncertain times. Music Venue Trust is a registered charity that aims to protect, secure and improve grassroots music in the UK. And with closures to many live music venues, the industry is really struggling during the uncertainty. This means that new and inventive ways to fundraise, like Fightback Lager, will be heavily beneficial. However, while their #saveourvenu

Interview: Pinkshift (i’m gonna tell my therapist on you)

Baltimore-based rock band, Pinkshift, are ready to drop their latest single, i’m gonna tell my therapist on you. In preparation of their debut EP, the tune aims to present their raw energy and angst that fuels their blend of 90s punk-rock and 00s pop-rock. Discussing the idea of frustrations in dealing with a lack of societal cares for mental health services, the tune immediately gives off anger and passion in every aspect from the vocals to the instrumentation. With people often being quick to

The Samphires - Issue 1 Full Interview

In year 10 we suffered through music GCSE together and our school was taking part in a Battle of the Bands competition so we decided to form a band for it even though 2/3 of us couldn’t play our instruments. Our music teacher gave us 20 minutes during a lesson to come up with a band name and Elise thought ’the Samphires’ was cute and meaningful because she thought it was a vegetable that grew in the River Tyne. Sadly she lied and instead we became stuck with being named after a disgusting salty

VENUS GRRRLS - Issue 1 Full Interview

1. How did you meet each other and what’s the story behind your band name? We all went to Leeds College of Music. GK and Grace were flatmates at the time and had discussed being in a riot grrrl band. GK then put a post on Facebook looking for female/identifying instrumentalists and we all came together. We got the name ‘Venus’ because GK’s old Instagram name was Venus Girl around the time we came together as a band. It sort of made sense to be called Venus because of the philosophy and backgrou

Gen and the Degenerates - Issue 1 Full Interview

• None How did you meet each other and what's the story behind your band name? I met Jake and Sean (the guitarists) when I asked them if they had a number to buy some weed. Evan (drums) and Jay (bass) had known the others since they were really young as they all grew up in the same area. It all just kind of fell into place. As a band we have a whole range of different influences. Personally my biggest inspirations are old school blues artists my dad used to play in the house growing up and mo

Jessica Lewis-Ward - Issue 1 Full Interview

• None When did you know you wanted to be a musician? Well, my dad (who is literally my best mate and hero) brought me up listening to all the music he grew up listening to, he was in and out of bands his whole life but never really pressured me to learn an instrument or push me down a musical path. Growing up in a musical family I’ve always wanted to play instruments and sing but it never really dawned on me to be a potential career path I wanted to go down until a few years ago when I starte

BLÒM - Issue 1 Full Interview

1. How did you meet each other and what's the story behind your band name? L: I've known Hells for years now! We met through a love of beer and music (we were also in a band before Blóm called Tough Tits haha). I met Eri through work! And we've known each other for years now too. L: G.L.O.S.S, Lightning Bolt, Melt Banana, Surf Bort, Amyl & The Sniffers, Super Unison, Gouge Away, Cerce, Downtown Boys, War on Women. 3. I know you have a heavy focus on reimagining the music landscape to be more

Faye Fantarrow - Issue 1 Full Interview

This ones a bit of a cliche, but I can’t really remember ever wanting to be anything else 2. What’s been your greatest experience as a musician? I would say up to this point my greatest experience has been gigging live. I haven’t had a lot of experience in it, but the ones I have done I’ve loved and can not wait to get back at it all again (hopefully soon)! I take inspiration from a very wide genre of artists that include Lana Del Ray, James Vincent McMorrow, Leon Bridges as well as all the u
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