The Promotion of Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala Diet

Unfortunately, it is being reported that Kim Kardashian had no Carbs or Sugar for Three Weeks prior to The Met Gala. Even more unfortunately, these reports are glorifying the diet as an accomplishment. Fashion is art. And, if you decide to not eat to create your art, you are free to do so. I completely understand that everyone has free will to do as they please and to take these extremes in order to be proud of what they create and to produce the desired affect. However, should an event as big

Is Greggs x Primark the collection we didn't know we needed?

As a Geordie, I have many mixed feelings about the Primark x Greggs collaboration – and, thankfully, a lot of opinions on this very serious matter. Being from Newcastle, it’s a legality to love Greggs and indeed I do. It’s affordable, it’s filling and with there being one on every street – it’s accessible. I’m filled with Northern pride just thinking about it. In fact, everywhere but London (shocker), would pick Greggs as their go-to lunch. The brand has previously dabbled in Christmas jumper

Indie Sleaze: The aesthetic that's taking over TikTok

As noughties style continues to make a comeback, from Juicy tracksuits to cowboy boots, TikTok trend forecasters say ‘Indie Sleaze’ is the next to be making a comeback. Birthed from Tumblr and MySpace, the i-don’t-give-a-f*ck trend merges a range of 2000s styles. Think moustache finger tattoos, smokey pencil eyeliner and logo tank tops. Do you think the grunge Tumblr phase should stay in the past or take over from the colourful Y2K styles we’ve been surrounded by recently? Here are some elements

Our guide to the best of Sheffield's vintage stores

Concerns for climate change and environmental impacts are ever-growing. We find ourselves in a modern society filled with sustainable focused lifestyles from swapping plastic straws for reusable metal, to the vast expanding vegan lifestyle- and fashion has no escape from that standard. Although trends continue to come and go, young people want to find these pieces in more ethical ways. From online resources like Depop and Vinted to high-street chains like Cow (R.I.P) and Beyond Retro- there’s no

NMC Guest: Emily (Owner of Darling Zine, Journalist & Assistant Director of Tits Upon Tyne)

How long have you been active in the North East music scene and what do you do? Since I was born! There was never a defining moment that I got involved in the scene. My dad is a DJ, hosts events, runs Method Radio, and worked at Sage Gateshead so I’ve always been brought up around and involved in the music scene. I am now a journalist, primarily discussing music, which has always been my dream job. I write for a range of publications such as NE Volume, Spotlight Music, The Music Files and ot

City Views: Moving to Sheffield during a pandemic

Moving away from home to University is usually considered a big deal, a scary but exciting turning point. This year that fear factor felt as though it had doubled. Regardless of the pandemic, I was already taking a big risk by moving to Sheffield as pre-September I had never even visited before, experiencing no open days or weekend trips to put me at ease. I had no idea what I was in for except that I was doing the degree I had dreamed of in a city known for its student life. I had the train t

Independent local title, Darling Zine returns with an eye-catching third edition.

Independent local magazine title, Darling Zine returns with the release of its colourful third edition, which was made available for fans to pre-order on January 13th. Founded by Newcastle-based freelance journalist, Emily Duff, Darling Zine regularly features and promotes women and non-binary people in music, art and film. The newest edition of Darling Zine includes a wider range of material than its predecessors, featuring work from 32 creatives. On the release of Issue Three, founder, Emily

Interview: Emily Duff of Darling Zine —

Creating an absolute storm on the North East music scene, journalist Emily Duff has written for NE Volume, Into The Pit UK and The Music Files to name just a few. Her most impressive achievement however, was producing her brand new magazine Darling Zine during the nationwide coronavirus lockdown which sold out of its first issue in mere days. Shortly after Issue 2 dropped, I had the pleasure of reaching out to Emily to speak a little more in depth about what it takes to create a whole new publi

A Discussion of How Film Reflects Politics: V for Vendetta

Despite being released 15 years ago, the political relevance of ‘V for Vendetta’ remains unchanged - in fact possibly more pertinent to a modern audience. A significant role ‘V for Vendetta’ plays in helping to explain my understanding, and love of, film is how different forms of media have had the same important role of reflecting, or warning us of, the current reality. While the ‘V for Vendetta’ comic book was originally published almost 40 years ago, the film permeated popular culture within

Safety at Gigs

Having been brought up at gigs, going solo to every gig I possibly could by age 13 and whilst working at the O2 Academy - I’ve seen a lot of harassment. In fact, sometimes part of my job is giving out flyers to people coming to shows at the venue, which many people seem to interpret as me flirting - they try to hug me or go in for a kiss: an unnecessary response to my free flyer. Physical or not, women are often made to feel sexualised or uncomfortable. This is proven by the February 2018 Englan

Music/Culture: How to Keep Yourself Busy During Lockdown

The music and arts sector here in the North East is adapting to the new lockdown way of life and they are doing all they can to continue entertaining us. Here are just a few ways to keep yourself busy: Local theatre, Northern Stage, have been hosting podcasts on their website and Spotify. These podcasts are updated every Friday and include a range of interviews, discussions and story-telling. The Star and Shadow Cinema have also set up a new radio show via Mixlr which is providing dub nights an

The Beautiful and Damn Crazy: An Observation of Local Gig-Goers

Whilst working at the O2 Academy I see a lot of different people coming in, from the indie kids avoiding eye contact to the old tories making too much eye contact, so I decided to put my Psychology A-Level and array of anecdotes to use for Tits Upon Tyne. I love to see the unconventional hacks of each individual gig-goer. I have a place in my heart for every fellow gigger who can tip me on how to be more efficient in my clothing – I always need a way to avoid bringing a bag. A recurring solutio

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