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Review: Faye Fantarrow – ‘Noughties’ Single

Sunderland’s own Alan Hull Songwriting Award-Winner, Faye Fantarrow, has recently released her latest single, ‘Noughties’, a fun track about nostalgic clichés focused on giving light-hearted representation to the Gen Z’s of the early 2000s who often get missed out. With comments and name-calling such as ‘snowflake’ often being thrown around as descriptions of the youth from that era, Fantarrow writes this song as a bit of an “F You”, proving that her generation can still be carefree, goofy kids

Our guide to the best of Sheffield's vintage stores

Concerns for climate change and environmental impacts are ever-growing. We find ourselves in a modern society filled with sustainable focused lifestyles from swapping plastic straws for reusable metal, to the vast expanding vegan lifestyle- and fashion has no escape from that standard. Although trends continue to come and go, young people want to find these pieces in more ethical ways. From online resources like Depop and Vinted to high-street chains like Cow (R.I.P) and Beyond Retro- there’s no

Tramlines Festival 2021 Confirmed For Events Research Programme

Sold-out Tramlines Festival will go ahead at full capacity in Sheffield’s Hillsborough Park from July 23rd to 25th as part of Events Research Programme following the likes of Download Festival that successfully took place over the 4th-6th or June. Announced just twenty five minutes ago (12pm, June 29th) that it will join the third phase of the Government’s Events Research Programme, this means the sold-out music festival will definitely take place at full capacity on 23rd to 25th July. With hu

Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend

Wolf Alice are back with their third album, Blue Weekend. Formed in 2010 as an acoustic duo, the outfit have come a long way with their sound and image in the past eleven years. Opening with ‘The Beach’, we hear lead singer Ellie Rowsell’s whispery vocals that immediately present the sense of rawness and vulnerability that can be heard throughout the album. Although mainly made up of catchy tracks sandwiched between light and airy intros and outros, a handful of grunge singles like ‘Lipstick on

Single Review: ‘Strife’ - Trish Discord

Alternative New York musician, Trish Discord, has just dropped her latest single, ‘Strife’. Inspired by the grunge scene in Brooklyn, Discord also presents a similarity to The Cranberries and Evanescence - each of these being opposite styles and showing her wide range and capability. Opening with an intense electric guitar and moody vocals, this track takes on a more emo EDM style with Discord’s voice often being distorted within the chorus. Beginning slow and melancholic, Discord then presents

Is it second time lucky for 70s trends?

As always, what’s currently in style is a blast from the past. Although 90s and Y2K trends have a special place in our hearts and wardrobes, we’re moving towards the punk rock and old-school patterns, colours, and materials of the 70s. Beige and brown took us by storm this year, starting with the brown North Face puffer jacket that was whisked off the rails after taking over TikTok. This neutral colour palette seems to be everywhere – and I love it. You would’ve expected us to leave it in AW20,

Tramlines Festival: The Start of Gender Balanced Lineups?

With festival season on the horizon and after a year away from them, everyone has been highly critical of the performers and lineups expected to be seen over 2021. With huge festivals like Reading and Leads (RandL) and TRNSMT being slated for their lack of diversity, I’m proud that a festival local to me seems to be disregarding this trend. Although the big headliners remain male, the rest of the lineup is sprinkled with female acts across the whole weekend. Taking place in the beautiful Hills

King No-One make their return with heartfelt release, 'Obsolete'

Their new single, 'Obsolete', follows on from their previous release 'Bad Porno' which dropped in March. Forming in 2013, the group fast made a name for themselves by busking their original tracks up and down the UK. Quickly gaining a following they have had a massive wave of sold-out shows, proving themselves to be one of the best up-and-coming live performers in the country. King No-One take inspiration from a huge array of genres, decades, and artists, and a quick look on their social media

Fashion at the BRIT's: Stars wearing stars

After waiting for so long, events are finally happening in person again, allowing us to fully critique each and every celeb look. With colours coming back for summer, the brown and neutral colour trend refuses to budge along with the comeback of Old Hollywood style looks on the red carpet, paying homage to the 1920's. This year's BRIT’s looks encapsulated this range of fashion. Here’s a run down of some of my favourite and least favourite styles seen: Rising star winner, Griff, wore one of the

Film Review: To All The Boys: Always and Forever

The third in the To All The Boys trilogy, Always and Forever follows Lara Jean in her senior year of high school. After returning from a family trip to Korea, she is faced with decisions surrounding college and the future of her relationship with Peter. Although equally as cheesy as the previous two films, Always and Forever manages to remain a lighthearted distraction from reality without becoming ‘cringe’. The Netflix rom-coms haven’t resorted to simplistic plots that rely on the common tro

The Verdis - Streetlight Fables

The Verdis came together at the University of Sheffield in 2018. Made up of singer Rowan Yaxley and guitarist Max Haywood, the pair were later joined by John Thomson on the drums and bassist Jamie Wright to form the full band, who have just dropped their debut EP Streetlight Fables. Created alongside musician and producer Sam Proctor, the EP allows the band to explore production techniques previously unavailable to them in local pub performances. Debuted at their early gigs, the tracks 'Bus Sto

Online Gig Preview: The Samphires at The Globe, Newcastle

Local indie outfit, The Samphires, will be playing a fascinating online gig at The Globe in Newcastle on Saturday 17th April. The Samphires are an alternative indie band from Newcastle consisting of three teenage girls who studied music together at college. With Rosa Thomas on bass, Elise Shields on guitar and Gemma Watson on drums, they have a simple but intimate and powerful sound, with their songs discussing relatable topics of insecurity and fears for the future. With a range of emotional

Music: “I love finding new music” We Catch Up with Plastic Glass to Discuss Band Life During COVID

With consistently catchy tunes, four-piece indie-rockers Plastic Glass have managed to keep their energy high during 2020. Emily Duff caught up with the local Sunderland outfit to discuss their struggles with cancelled gigs and trying to make music during a pandemic. Have there been any opportunities to meet up and write/record music over the last year? It’s been hard but I guess that goes without saying by now. Our guitarist, Dylan, now lives in Leeds for University, so with the travel restri

Fashion at the Grammys: The best and the worst

After a long wait from the initial January date, fashion at the 2021 Grammy Awards ceremony did not disappoint. Alongside a consistently bright and colourful array of clothing, thanks to Covid-19, a mask became the new accessory of the season. While most of us watched from home, the limited number of performers and award presenters who were able to arrive in person made the outfits more important than ever. The expectations of masculine and feminine went out of the window this year with floral

Single Review: 'Boom' by Faye Fantarrow —

‘Boom’ is the second release from Sunderland singer-songwriter Faye Fantarrow. The track follows on from her debut ‘Lines’ which came out in the summer of 2019 and follows an almost two-year gap between releases. There has clearly been a development in Fantarrow’s sound. ‘Lines’ was a soft, emotive track similar to the sounds of English singer-songwriter Birdy due to its hints of folk. While ‘Boom’ maintains this acoustic nature that Fantarrow is known for, it packs a bigger punch with the use

Cover Feature: The Pale White Prepare to Release Their Debut Album

Local outfit, The Pale White, have recently released their single, ‘Confession Box’. It comes just before the group announced their debut album, ‘Infinite Pleasure’, is due to drop later in the year. The upbeat modern rock track is not only rhythmically interesting but also has an interesting story with lyrics such as: “You’ve got better stuff to talk about now”. Talking to bassist Tom Booth, the band explained that ‘Confession Box’ is: “a fictional story that puts you in the shoes of someone w

Coat Rack Records: Local Female Creatives Launch Independent Record Label —

North East based Coat Rack Records is an independent record label, marketing and production company all in one. Aiming to be a safe space for artists to be comfortable knowing there is zero-tolerance for harassment, their goal is to embrace the transforming face of the creative industries in the hope of bringing a more ethical standpoint. Comprised of two women in their early twenties, Coat Rack offers a fresh perspective on the industry - striving to support and push artists to explore their c
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