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The Promotion of Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala Diet

Unfortunately, it is being reported that Kim Kardashian had no Carbs or Sugar for Three Weeks prior to The Met Gala. Even more unfortunately, these reports are glorifying the diet as an accomplishment.

Fashion is art. And, if you decide to not eat to create your art, you are free to do so. I completely understand that everyone has free will to do as they please and to take these extremes in order to be proud of what they create and to produce the desired affect.

However, should an event as big

Hypocrisy in the International Women’s Day Posts and Adverts

International Women’s Day took place a few weeks ago (8th March) and is always something very controversial. A day to celebrate independent, female-owned brands or the special women in your life who inspire and support you are both amazing things. While something to be doing all year long, Women should be celebrated just like we would World Earth Day or World Book Day - those days don’t mean we don’t love books and the earth every other day.

However, an ever-growing problem is the use of these

Tips on how to live sustainably at university

Sustainability and being environmentally conscious is not something we’re new to. Trying to find small changes to make in our day to day is pretty simple but can sometimes be very costly as well as there being little advice outside of the basic recycle and shop vintage suggestions we hear every day on TikTok and in our daily conversations. As a student, it can be hard not to feel like it's impossible to do your bit without breaking the bank and it being too time-consuming, however, I’m here to p

How to secure your funky Club Tropicana shirt

With cheap drinks and funky music all being provided by the Leadmill, all you need to do now is secure your tiki vibe outfit. I’ve helpfully made a rundown of the best places to buy your Club Tropicana funky shirts…

First and most obviously is Freshmans. A local Sheffield vintage brand, it is home to multiple rails full of Hawaiian print shirts – as well as being a cave of other gems that you’ll probably be less embarrassed to wear out. Helpfully, they also offer 20% off Hawaiian shirts for Clu

Fashion at Euphoria High: The couture, cliche, and implausible

Rue’s style is easy but timeless. Tending to pair oversized tees or shirts with classic jeans and trainers, this combo doesn’t seem to have differed for the new season. This is shown most notably in episode three when Rue styles a vintage tee with khaki trousers throughout a lot of tense scenes. However, in the same episode, while informing us of “How to Get Away With Being a Drug Addict”, she is seen wearing a gorgeous deep red jumpsuit – potentially homage to a prison uniform.

The show's cost

New Year's Eve lookbook

Taking a look at the colourful fashion trends of 2021, I’m so excited to see the styles popping up ahead of New Year’s Eve. One of my favourite holidays, there’s nothing better than getting glammed up to celebrate with the people closest to you – especially to mark the end of another pretty rubbish year.

To keep this outfit inspiration budget-friendly, I’ve provided links to many high street shops which tend not to be sustainable. However, in the run-up to Christmas I’d like to remind readers t

Indie Sleaze: The aesthetic that's taking over TikTok

As noughties style continues to make a comeback, from Juicy tracksuits to cowboy boots, TikTok trend forecasters say ‘Indie Sleaze’ is the next to be making a comeback. Birthed from Tumblr and MySpace, the i-don’t-give-a-f*ck trend merges a range of 2000s styles. Think moustache finger tattoos, smokey pencil eyeliner and logo tank tops. Do you think the grunge Tumblr phase should stay in the past or take over from the colourful Y2K styles we’ve been surrounded by recently? Here are some elements

Our guide to the best of Sheffield's vintage stores

Concerns for climate change and environmental impacts are ever-growing. We find ourselves in a modern society filled with sustainable focused lifestyles from swapping plastic straws for reusable metal, to the vast expanding vegan lifestyle- and fashion has no escape from that standard. Although trends continue to come and go, young people want to find these pieces in more ethical ways. From online resources like Depop and Vinted to high-street chains like Cow (R.I.P) and Beyond Retro- there’s no

Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend

Wolf Alice are back with their third album, Blue Weekend. Formed in 2010 as an acoustic duo, the outfit have come a long way with their sound and image in the past eleven years. Opening with ‘The Beach’, we hear lead singer Ellie Rowsell’s whispery vocals that immediately present the sense of rawness and vulnerability that can be heard throughout the album.

Although mainly made up of catchy tracks sandwiched between light and airy intros and outros, a handful of grunge singles like ‘Lipstick on

Is it second time lucky for 70s trends?

As always, what’s currently in style is a blast from the past. Although 90s and Y2K trends have a special place in our hearts and wardrobes, we’re moving towards the punk rock and old-school patterns, colours, and materials of the 70s.

Beige and brown took us by storm this year, starting with the brown North Face puffer jacket that was whisked off the rails after taking over TikTok. This neutral colour palette seems to be everywhere – and I love it. You would’ve expected us to leave it in AW20,