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Emily is a journalist from Newcastle Upon Tyne and is currently studying English Literature at the University of Sheffield. 

She is also the sole owner and producer of Darling magazine and is Assistant Director of Tits Upon Tyne.

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Amplified Analysis: Sam Smith's 'Love Goes'

Sam Smith has finally released their third album, ' , following on from ' In The Thrill of it All' which came out in 2017. Despite the three year hiatus, Sam Smith manages to maintain their usual emotions - with the break potentially exaggerating the passion that we’re so used to hearing. The opening track, ‘Young’ is a very short a cappella track with the only sounds outside of Smith being a baking vocalist. Ending with the lyrics, “I’ve done nothing wrong, I’m young”, demonstrates the poig

Fashion trends we should leave in 2020

As 2021 gets underway, have you vouched that it’ll be ‘new year, new you’? If that’s the case and you want to switch up your style, here are the things you should leave in 2020. Unfortunately, we can't leave the pandemic-related, political madness behind just yet. I’m a big advocate of comfy clothing (who isn’t?) and after spending a year staring at the same four walls, I completely understand why this trend has stuck around. However, my only saving grace in lockdown was getting dressed up so t

Single Review: Pale Waves – She’s My Religion

Pale Waves have just dropped ‘She’s My Religion’, the second track to be released from their upcoming album Who Am I?. A track following the story of a cynical girl and the speaker’s love for her, it fights against the usual stigma that darker characters are unlovable and Hollywood’s preference for positive love interests. This normalisation of unhappy characters still being necessary to our lives can be heard in the lyrics, “She helped me find a different kind of love, made me feel like I was

Single Review: ‘Johnny’ by Swine Tax —

Newcastle band Swine Tax are back with their latest single, ‘Johnny’. Pre-Covid Swine Tax had performed on tour across Europe, notably ending with a show at Motel Mozaique festival, Rotterdam. Over the past 2 years the band have also performed alongside Working Men’s Club, Fontaines D.C as well as others. The second of a five track showcase, this latest release follows on from ‘Relax’, which portrayed similarly catchy rhythms but had a darker sound due to its lower pitch. The contrast between

Single Review: ‘Blackbird’ – Crying Beauty Queens

Composed of Jordan Price’s vocals and guitar, Alex Hurlstone’s bass and Paddy Murphy’s drums, Crying Beauty Queens have recently dropped their new track ‘Blackbird’. The band’s name is inspired by the 21st century era that the band has grown up in, claiming that it reflects those who are more inclined to complain than to try and make a change. Created in one sleepless night in Lancashire, the track was recorded with just 2 microphones and a laptop in Murphy’s stairwell – a very DIY approach to

News: Sophia Releases New Single, ‘Skin’

North East up-and-comer, Sophia, has just released her new single, ‘Skin’ – and it’s a stunner. Opening with a slow guitar riff, a calm tone is set before Sophia’s pop vocals take centre stage. The singer-songwriter worked on the track with Alfie Cattell (Moodbay) to help bring the electro-pop sound Sophia is starting her new chapter with. To do this, the track was created over zoom, a modern way of music-making in this ongoing pandemic. With powerful lyrics, ‘Skin’ explores the emotions of l

Amplified Analysis: Plastic Barricades' 'Self-Theories'

Alternative rock band Plastic Barricades are back with their new album, 'Self-Theories', which follows on from their 2017 LP, 'Mechanics of Life'. Always asking the melancholic questions, Plastic Barricades claim to “heal your wounds” through this album, making it clear that raw emotion and energy has been incorporated into the creation of the 11 tracks that make it up. Split between London and Paris, Plastic Barricades have a unique sound of underground music from around Europe but also heavy

Film Review: The Boys In The Band

Set in 1968 in New York City, The Boys In The Band is a big-screen adaptation of the play with the same name by Mart Crowley. Premiering Off-Broadway in 1968, it was revived on Broadway for its 50th anniversary in 2018 and had such success that it was adapted by Netflix using the same 2018 stage cast. With constant self-criticism, a group of homosexual men deal with ageing, their sexualities and their myriad of vices, from alcohol abuse to cannabis to a constant need to travel. Hiding their s

Review: Swine Tax ‘Relax’ Single

Newcastle outfit Swine Tax have just released their new single, ‘Relax’. Produced by Barry Hyde of The Futureheads, who approached them after hearing them perform in Sunderland last year, ‘Relax’ is the first track to be released from their time in the studio together. Focusing on their hooks, Swine Tax take on the hard-rock genre by incorporating groovy bass and punk beats into their tracks – with ‘Relax’ being no exception. With a pop chorus contrasting their intense dance beats, ‘Relax’ bri

Review: Picnic – ‘Baby’ Single

Sunderland outfit Picnic are back with their brand new single, ‘Baby’. A track that immediately hits you with its loud and funky vocals, ‘Baby’ hooks the listener with its foot-tapping melody. Having performed alongside Little Comets and The Pale White, and having played at festivals such as Lindisfarne, Picnic had been keeping busy pre-pandemic. Despite this halt in performing, Picnic have continued to produce dancey tunes reminiscent of Paramore-gone-jazz. ‘Baby’ brings an upbeat and groovy

Review: The Redroom ‘Nostalgia’ Single

Local rock outfit, The Redroom, have released their debut single, ‘Nostalgia’ – and it’s a cracker. Recorded at Blast Recording Studios with the help of Oliver Cobb and up-and-comer Patrick Smyth, ‘Nostalgia’ is full of passion. Opening with a slow guitar, the powerful vocals of lead singer, Jessica Lewis-Ward, immediately take centre stage in the track. Remaining calm throughout, ‘Nostalgia’ describes the experience of young love with lyrics such as: “You give me Goosebumps” and “In nothing

Amplified Analysis: Alice Cooper and Halloween Special

As we approach Halloween, I decided it was necessary to discuss the artist whose tracks make the perfect Halloween playlist. For me, no cheesy playlist is complete without Alice Cooper - whether you want an element of spookiness to bring October to life or the perfect track to accompany your road trip, his groovy rhythms and haunting lyricism is perfect. Alice Cooper is always my go-to and as it’s halloween I thought it best to focus on the Alice Cooper tracks that make or break a halloween part

The rise of reworked fashion

During my first day in Sheffield I wandered down West Street and immediately became infatuated by COW, a vintage shop with locations across the UK. To my disappointment, they do not have a shop in my hometown of Newcastle. I picked up a branded tote bag during my first visit - useful for the weekly food shop but also cute due to the use of reworked fabric. COW sells a range of tote bags, but this one caught my eye because of the bleached yellow dye against the thicker black material, which diff

Chiara Baillie – Disappear single review

Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Chiara Baillie has recently released her debut single, Disappear. Recorded at Eggman Studio’s in Fife, Baillie created a stripped-back sound by focusing solely on her vocals and subtly accompanying herself on guitar. With beautiful artwork by Kris Boyle, Baillie is shown in a beautiful sunrise-esque light with a distorted mirror effect. This imagery perfectly represents the softness that can be heard in Disappear. The perfect track for taking a moment to yourse

Album Review: 'Activity Book For The Depressed' by Amy Lou —

Released on Amy Lou’s 21st birthday, 'Activity Book For The Depressed' is simultaneously the artist’s debut album and their closing chapter. Created over the space of 6 years, the album was finally dropped by Wee Records Edinburgh on August 29th. Composed of 6 singles, the album opens with ‘Everything Will Be Fine’, a punky, moody and (in contrast to the rest of the album) upbeat tune where Amy Lou immediately pours their heart out to the listener. While the powerful and varied vocal range

Film Review: How To Build A Girl

“I do not think my adventure starts with a boy; I think it starts with me”. Based on the novel of the same name by Caitlin Moran, How To Build A Girl follows sixteen-year-old Johanna Morrigan, played by Beanie Feldstein, as she navigates aspirations of being a powerful journalist. Discussing philosophy with her wall of powerful women, from Frida Khalo to Sylvia Plath, Johanna embodies youthful feminism. After a failed poetry reading, she ventures into writing rock music reviews despite her fa

Music: “At the beginning of lockdown, I got my head down and started writing lots of songs” The Baltics Release New Single

With their catchy indie melodies, distinct vocals and a mixture of equal parts synth-pop and Brit-Pop, The Baltics have developed a distinct and eclectic sound that is utterly compelling. Emily Duff caught up with the North East outfit as they prepare to release their new single. I heard that you formed after Josh Homme saw Guy’s cover of Karma Police on Instagram. Have Radiohead inspired your music as a band at all? Radiohead are an amazing band that me (Shay) and Guy listen to all the time a
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